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A Solution Definition is the blueprint for your proposed business information system. We balance all aspects of your business:

  1. people
  2. process
  3. information
  4. technology

to determine what should be done to best support your current and future business strategy and needs.

Critical to the Solution Definition development process is:

  • A focus on your business strategy
  • Sponsorship, agreement and the active involvement of your key decision makers and business people
  • Leveraging the strengths of your people, business processes, and existing technology in defining an optimal solution
  • Defining the capabilities you will need in each of these areas and establishing clear priorities, based on business-drivers.
  • Developing a logical, actionable plan to implement the solution.

The key deliverables of Solution Definition are the Solution Plan and Roadmap. These deliverables clearly describe the solutions goals and scope, the capabilities to be implemented, and the risks associated with the program of work that must be carried out. The Roadmap is a high-level program timeline to implement the Solution Plan, including a "project release strategy" if the implementation should be phased, resource plan, cost breakdown, constraint and critical dependency analysis and risk mitigation plan. These clear, concise and comprehensive deliverables help to facilitate discussion, collaboration and develop clarity of vision between the business and technology communities. In addition, the deliverables promote a common understanding of gaps, opportunities, constraints and critical dependencies related to the solution project.

The Solution Definition is a vital first step towards identifying a business solution, and a critical input into your Process and Requirements Definition and Investment Caseprocesses. Soft Dot Net will help you clearly articulate what your business needs before investing in a costly technical solution.

Soft Dot Net website launched

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