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Before the popularity of smartphones such as the iPhone or Android, it was still possible to view the Internet on your phone. The experience was usually not very good because of the slower data transfer rates, poor browser software and the fact that most websites were not optimized for mobile device viewing. Back in these days, to have your website mobile optimized meant to reduce your images file sizes, use CSS based layouts instead of table-based layouts, no Flash and basically do anything else to reduce the amount of data being downloaded.

As technology and innovation improved, smartphones became more powerful, affordable and now are more common than regular cell phones. The touch-based nature of these phones created a different way to surf the web. It’s the same as using a regular web browser on your desktop but yet it’s a bit different. The basic rules of mobile optimization are still the same except now there are new features to account for.

The general consensus around the web is that having a mobile optimized website means you have a mobile version of your website. By default, a mobile version of a website is already a mobile optimized website. So what is a mobile version of a website? Basically, it’s an alternate version of a website that is optimized for use on smartphones or similar mobile devices.

Today’s mobile devices are mostly touch-based. Compared to desktop and notebook computers, they have small screens with limited screen resolution. Have you ever been to a non-mobile optimized website on your smartphone and tried to click on a link but had a really hard time because the link is too small or too close to other links? I know I have. Having a mobile version of the website would solve this problem by using a different layout made specifically for mobile devices such as smartphones.

As the mobile web continues to grow and gain more popularity, the need for a mobile website will soon enough be as necessary as a regular website. We wouldn’t be surprised if eventually, mobile websites will be the norm and regular non-mobile sites will be become the “other” viewing option.

Soft Dot Net website launched

We are pleased to annouce the launching of our website. We provide a high quality of service support, contact us for more information.